Cloud Certified Professional certifications are formal accreditations that prove proficiency in specific areas of cloud computing. To obtain a certification, candidates are required to pass a set of exams. Some exams provide credit toward two or more certifications, whereas other exams are specific to one certification. To view a grid that shows an overview of the relationships between exams and certifications, visit the Matrix page.

Certified Cloud Professional

A Certified Cloud Professional has completed one or more specialized certifications or has met minimum CCP certification qualifications by demonstrating proficiency in cloud computing fundamentals and one additional area.

Exams: C90.01 plus one additional CCP exam

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Certified Cloud Technology Professional

A Certified Cloud Technology Professional has obtained proven knowledge and capabilities pertaining to the identification, positioning, and utilization of modern cloud technologies, resources, and associated concepts and decision-making criteria.

Exams: C90.01, C90.02, C90.03

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Certified Cloud Architect

A Certified Cloud Architect has demonstrated proficiency in the technology architecture that underlies cloud platforms and cloud-based IT resources and solutions, and has mastered the hands-on application of design patterns, principles, and practices used to engineer and evolve such environments.

Exams: C90.01, C90.02, C90.04, C90.05, C90.06

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Certified Cloud Security Specialist

A Certified Cloud Security Specialist has detailed knowledge of common threats associated with cloud platforms, cloud services, and associated IT resources based on typical cloud technologies, including virtualization environments. Certified Cloud Security Specialists have demonstrated proficiency in establishing security controls for cloud architectures and infrastructure resources via the mastery of security patterns, practices, and industry technologies.

Exams: C90.01, C90.02, C90.07, C90.08, C90.09

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Certified Cloud Governance Specialist

A Certified Cloud Governance Specialist has demonstrated proficiency in defining, establishing, and evolving governance controls and frameworks specifically for cloud-based IT resources and platforms in support of organizational and technological governance requirements.

Exams: C90.01, C90.02, C90.10, C90.11, C90.12

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Certified Cloud Storage Specialist

A Certified Cloud Storage Specialist has obtained an in-depth level of proficiency with the mechanisms, devices, technologies, practices, and overall assessment criteria pertaining to cloud storage technologies and services.

Exams: C90.01, C90.02, C90.13, C90.14, C90.15

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Certified Cloud Virtualization Specialist

A Certified Cloud Virtualization Specialist has proven knowledge and proficiency with the technologies, mechanisms, platforms, and practices based upon and associated with contemporary virtualization environments and cloud-based virtualization architectures.

Exams: C90.01, C90.02, C90.16, C90.17, C90.18

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Certified Cloud Capacity Specialist

A Certified Cloud Capacity Specialist has obtained proven knowledge and capabilities pertaining to the capacity planning, monitoring, and management of cloud platforms, cloud-based resources, and cloud-based solutions to ensure that technology architecture layers within cloud environments transparently grow and evolve in response to on-going demands.

Exams: C90.01, C90.02, C90.19, C90.20, C90.21

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Certified Cloud Trainer

A Certified Cloud Trainer has completed at least one specialized certification with honors, has demonstrated exceptional communication abilities, and has sufficient hands-on project experience to meet the qualifications required to teach CCP courses.

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Benefits of Certification

Each Cloud Certified Professional (CCP) Certificate of Excellence is a formal documentation of accomplishments that proves that a candidate has demonstrated knowledge and practical know how in a formalized field of practice within the cloud computing industry. The attainment of a CCP certification brings with it several benefits that allow successful candidates to:

  • become proficient in industry-level cloud computing
  • demonstrate understanding and application of vendor-neutral and real-world cloud environments
  • learn how to work with and apply mature and proven parts of the cloud computing industry
  • become a project-ready cloud computing professional
  • better assess commercial products and services offered by the cloud computing market
  • be assigned project roles and responsibilities suitable for skillsets proven by their certification

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