Cloud Architect (Partial) Certification Self-Study Kit Bundle

Cloud Architect (Partial) Certification Self-Study Kit Bundle

This certification bundle provides you with the self-study materials you need to prepare for the exams required to complete the Cloud Architect Certification.

The bundle includes the following self-study kits:

Retail Pricing

$717.60 USD (without exam vouchers)

$957.60 USD (including pre-paid Prometric exam vouchers)


Availability: Next day shipping to most locations (other shipping options available).

How To Order: Visit the Online Store for ordering options.

Required Text Books

The bundle does not include the required text books listed below:

These text books can be purchased separately or together with individual self-study kits or with the bundle when placing an order.

Purchase Kits One at a Time and Still Get the Bundle Price

This certification bundle price is based on a 20% discount applied to all self-study kits. To purchase a certification bundle you are not required to purchase all of the self-study kits in the bundle at the same time. You can purchase self-study kits one at a time.

Note that to receive the bundle price you need to register each kit that you purchase using the online Self-Study Kit Registration Form.

Certification Bundles

The materials in these self-study kits are suitable for exam preparation and general training purposes. Therefore, the self-study kits are available for purchase with and without a pre-paid Prometric exam voucher. You are only required to prepare for and take the necessary exams if you are pursuing certification. If you have questions, please contact

Fact Sheet

Download a printable PDF document with information about this course module and its corresponding self-study kit.

Cloud Architect (Partial) Certification Self-Study Kit Bundle

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