Module 1 Self-Study Kit: Fundamental Cloud Computing


Module 1 Self-Study Kit
Fundamental Cloud Computing (Exam C90.01)

This self-study kit provides a range of materials intended for remote, self-paced study and exam preparation. Also available is a version of the kit that includes a discounted, pre-paid Prometric exam voucher that can be used in at any qualified Prometric testing center in the world.

The study materials in this self-study kit correspond to:


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This self-study kit includes the following materials:

Module 1 Self-Study Guide (44 pages)Module 1
Self-Study Guide
(44 pages)
Cloud SupplementCloud Supplement
(44 pages)

Audio Tutor CD 1 Module 1 Course Overview (with Paul Buhler)Audio Tutor CD 1
Module 1 Course Overview
(with Paul Buhler)
Audio Tutor CD 2 Exam Preparation (with Thomas Erl)Audio Tutor CD 2
Exam Preparation
(with Thomas Erl)
Connection Points DVD* (with Thomas Erl)Connection Points DVD*
(with Thomas Erl)
62 Flash Cards62 Flash Cards

Text Book

The contents in this Self-Study Kit are designed to be used in conjunction with the following text book:

Prometric Exam Voucher


This self-study kit can be purchased with and without the Prometric Worldwide Voucher for Exam C90.01.

Certification or Just Training

The materials in this self-study kit bundle are suitable for exam preparation and general training purposes. Therefore, this self-study kit bundle is available for purchase with and without a pre-paid Prometric exam voucher. You are only required to prepare for and take the exam if you are pursuing certification. If you have questions, please contact

Discounts and Benefits:

  1. The purchase of this self-study kit entitles you to a $200 discount (in most regions) when registering for the corresponding Module 1: Fundamental Cloud Computing as part of any instructor-led workshop (within 12 months of the purchase date).
  2. If you already registered for and attended Module 1: Fundamental Cloud Computing as part of an instructor-led workshop, then you are entitled to a $200 discount on this self-study kit. Be sure to provide the date and location of the workshop when placing your order.
  3. The purchase of this self-study kit entitles you to credit toward one or more certification bundles, as explained below.

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Fact Sheet

Download a printable PDF document with information about this course module and its corresponding self-study kit.

Module 1 Self-Study Kit: Fundamental Cloud Computing

* Also included in this self-study kit are the following bonus supplement materials: "Cloud Computing & SOA Connection Points" Booklet (44 pages) and Video Seminar by Thomas Erl (DVD 57 minutes). These supplements are provided for those students interested in how cloud computing relates to service-oriented architecture (SOA). Specifically, this material provides concrete mapping between topics covered in SOACP Modules 1, 3, 8 and CCP Modules 1, 2. These are considered optional supplements, and their content does not fall within the scope of Exam C90.01 and Module 1: Fundamental Cloud Computing.

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